July 2016

Development of an HIV Prevention Videogame: Lessons Learned

This article discusses ten lessons learned by the play2PREVENT team during the formative work involved in the development of PlayForward: Elm City Stories. More >

June 2016

If We Build It, Will They Come? A Qualitative Study of Key Stakeholder Opinions on the Implementation of a Videogame Intervention for Risk Reduction in Adolescents

PlayForward: Elm City Stories, an interactive videogame targeting risk reduction, is currently undergoing evaluation. Collecting stakeholder data on its acceptability and real-life implementation strategies is critical for successful dissemination. More >

April 2016

The design and implementation of a randomized controlled trial of a risk reduction and human immunodeficiency virus prevention videogame intervention in minority adolescents: PlayForward: Elm City Stories

This article describes the innovative methods used in the randomized controlled trial for the videogame intervention, PlayForward: Elm City Stories. More >

October 2015

Using Videogame Apps to Assess Gains in Adolescents’ Substance Use Knowledge: New Opportunities for Evaluating Intervention Exposure and Content Mastery

This study demonstrates the analysis of automatic log files, created by software from a videogame intervention, that catalog game play and, as proof of concept, the association of these data with changes in substance use knowledge as documented with standardized assessments. More >

August 2015

Games for Health for Children—Current Status and Needed Research

A discussion with leading experts in the field of serious videogames regarding the current status of games for health and need for continued research. More >

March 2015

Abstract: A Videogame Intervention Increases HIV Knowledge in Adolescents

Abstract discussing the impact of PlayForward on drug/alcohol/sex-related (DAS) knowledge from the Journal of Adolescent Health. More >

February 2015

PlayForward: A videogame that increases drug, alcohol, and sexual risk knowledge in teens

Abstract discussing the impact of PlayForward on drug/alcohol/sex-related (DAS) knowledge from the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. More >

January 2015

Serious Games for Sexual Health

A roundtable discussion with a panel of sexual health researchers on the place of serious games in furthering the field of sexual health. More >

October 2014

Videogames, Here for Good

The use of technology in health care is increasingly ubiquitous, and there is mounting evidence that videogames can serve as interventions to increase knowledge and effect behavior change in youth. More >

July 2014

Using What’s Learned in a Game to Use in Real Life

Challenging research is needed to clarify the factors influencing transfer of learning from games to real life. More >