December 2019

Effectiveness of a web-based tobacco product use prevention video game intervention on young adolescents’ beliefs and knowledge

The purpose of this study was to conduct a real-world, quasi-experimental test of the effectiveness of a web-based video game, smokeSCREEN, aimed at developing healthy beliefs and knowledge associated with tobacco product use prevention, including electronic cigarettes. More >

October 2019

Improving health outcomes and quality of life for African adolescents: The role of digital and mobile games

This chapter explores: (1) general definitions of well-being and its relation to factors associated with quality of life; (2) adolescents in Africa; (3) health burdens in Africa; (4) Serious Games; (5) Games for health on a global scale and (6) Games for health in Africa. More >

April 2019

One Night Stan: Feasibility study of an HIV prevention and sexual risk reduction social card game for young black women

Here we describe the feasibility and preliminary impact of our social card game prototype, One Night Stan, a theory-driven and evidence-based human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention intervention for young black women. More >

November 2018

A videogame intervention for tobacco product use prevention in adolescents

Here we explain the results of our pilot study examining the short-term effects of an interactive videogame on changing adolescent knowledge, beliefs and risk perceptions, and intentions to use e-cigarettes, cigarettes, and other tobacco products. More >

October 2018

Development and feasibility testing of a videogame intervention to reduce high-risk sexual behavior in black and Hispanic adolescents

This paper explains how we developed and tested the feasibility of a mobile videogame intervention to decrease high-risk sexual behavior in black and Hispanic adolescents. More >

August 2018

But do they like it? Participant satisfaction and gameplay experience of a public health videogame intervention in adolescents

This mixed methods study explored adolescents’ satisfaction and gameplay experience with a videogame intervention aimed at reducing HIV-related risk. More >

April 2018

Adolescents’ perceptions of flavored tobacco products, including E-cigarettes: A qualitative study to inform FDA tobacco education efforts through videogames

We conducted focus groups with 11–17-year-old adolescents from after-school programs in CT and CA about flavored tobacco product beliefs and experiences, and how these compared to traditional cigarettes. More >

March 2018

Preliminary investigation of a videogame prototype for cigarette and marijuana prevention in adolescents

The purpose of this study was to conduct a preliminary test of the efficacy of a role-playing videogame prototype, smokeSCREEN, aimed at the primary prevention of cigarette and marijuana use. More >

September 2017

Video Game Intervention for Sexual Risk Reduction in Minority Adolescents: Randomized Controlled Trial

We conducted a large, randomized controlled trial with 333 adolescents aged 11-14 to evaluate the HIV prevention videogame intervention, PlayForward: Elm City Stories. More >

June 2017

An Evaluation of an Educational Video Game on Mathematics Achievement in First Grade Students

We conducted a randomized controlled trial with 134 first grade students to determine the impact of the educational math game, Knowledge Battle, on math scores and self-competency. More >