Our Games

Our games focus on risk prevention, well-being, and social intelligence in children, teens and young adults. We concentrate on topics such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, substance use, unintended pregnancy, obesity, unsafe driving, gambling, youth violence, bullying, and other conditions and behaviors that negatively impact young people.


    PlayForward is a series of interactive evidence-based videogame interventions that focus on topics such as risk-taking, HIV/STIs, smoking, cancer, and heart disease prevention in young adolescents.

  • PF smokeSCREEN

    smokeSCREEN focuses on tobacco prevention in young adolescents. 

  • One Night Stan Picture for Website

    One Night Stan is a fun, multi-player social card game designed to increase a player’s sense of empowerment regarding possible sexual encounters and partners, reducing their risk for HIV infection.

  • Tunnel Tail 6

    Tunnel Tail is an exciting interactive videogame that focuses on substance abuse prevention in teens.