PlayForward Series

PF LOGOPlayForward is a series of interactive evidence-based videogame interventions that focus on topics such as risk-taking, HIV/STI testing, e-cigarettes and tobacco use, cancer, and heart disease prevention in young adolescents.

These games also produce large amounts of important data through the game software (in-game data), stored in log files. These data examine the paths taken and decisions made by each player and allow researchers to objectively track a participant’s intervention experience through the game software. We use novel methods we have developed to collect this data and analyze it, examining time spent in individual segments of the intervention, overall time spent completing the intervention, and mastery of intervention material. We can provide these data to interested researchers to learn which material is most important to the behavior change process.

PlayForward is currently being used for 1) counseling in the fields of health, and lifestyle wellness, 2) consultation on behavioral health risks, 3) health care counseling in the field of health risk intervention, health risk behavior modification and treatment, 4) consulting services in the fields of health, mental health and wellness, 5) providing health information and mental health and wellness information, and 6) providing health information in the fields of health risk intervention, substance abuse, behavioral health risks, health risk behavior modification and treatment.