One Night Stan

One Night Stan is a fun, multi-player social card game designed to increase a player’s sense of empowerment regarding possible sexual encounters and partners. The goals of One Night Stan are to increase risk perception of HIV/STI and self-efficacy to insist on condom use and partner testing, and to empower young black women to refuse high-risk sexual situations and partners. The goal of the game is to collect Empowerment Points by being protected (Condom Cards), getting potential partners tested (Test Cards), by recognizing facts involving risky behaviors associated with HIV/STIs (Fact Cards), and to refuse risky encounters (Response Cards). Throughout the game, players accumulate points by making decisions that protect themselves from possible negative situations or encounters while considering possible sexual partners. Players win by earning the most Empowerment Points, which reinforces the idea that empowerment (self-efficacy) will give rise to positive health outcomes.

One Night Stan was supported by funding provided by the Women’s Health Research at Yale Pilot Program.

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