sessionsThe play2PREVENT Lab is a multidisciplinary team comprising scientists, educators, community leaders, videogame designers and software developers. We are focused on activities related to the development of videogames for behavior change, education, health, well-being, and social intelligence. We build collaborations and partnerships between researchers, educators, commercial game developers, and community-based organizations.

Our specific services include:

  • Comprehensive development and rigorous evaluation of videogame interventions
  • Consultation in the field of videogame development, design, and development services
  • Development of Game Playbooks, a unique form of intervention manual developed by the play2PREVENT Lab to assist in the creation of¬†¬†evidence-based, theory-driven games
  • Counseling on health risk reduction and prevention for the purpose of developing videogames
  • Evaluation of videogames for other organizations for the purpose of suitability of use in the field of education, risk reduction, and prevention
  • Providing videogames, videogame software, supplemental materials for the purpose of behavior change and education to prevent adverse health-related outcomes
  • Conducting classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops on the development of these videogames