About Us

about-photosWith funding from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute on Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)/NIH, the play2PREVENT™ (p2P) Lab was founded. The p2P Lab focuses on the use of “play,” in the form of videogame play, for the purposes of health promotion, risk reduction, social good, and educational interventions. We harness videogame technology to create engaging and effective methods to convey information and teach skills that lead to behavior change, translating to healthier and safer lives.

We develop and evaluate videogame interventions focused on behavior change, education, health, well-being, and social intelligence, using the most rigorous scientific methods and metrics available. Our mobile games have the capacity to deliver these effective interventions with much greater engagement, fidelity, reach, scalability, and impact.

The p2P Lab, which is a part of the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games, is a member of the White House’s Academic Consortium for Games for Impact and one of the original charter members of the newly formed Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA). We build collaborations and partnerships between researchers, educators, commercial game developers, and community-based organizations with the goal of developing and rigorously testing innovative, effective, and targeted game interventions for risk reduction and prevention in youth and young adults.